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Hello there! Glad you’re interested in finding out more about us. Well, it’s been quite a lot of fun creating this company, doing what we love. Urban Garden Seeds was officially created in 2013, based on the notion that good seeds weren’t easily accessible by the urban gardener. The food system in the US isn’t exactly built on nutrition and sustainability. We believe the good old-fashioned “growing your own” is really the way to build a solid foundation for the generations to come. That’s why we exist, to provide transparent heirloom, non-GMO seed supply to the United States from the United States (Minnesota, to be exact). We think our seed packets are pretty cool, too.

Vial Display, In the Beginning


Humble beginnings. Urban Garden Seeds was created to share the joy of urban sustainability with others. Our mission…

Provide you with everything necessary to achieve sustainability with ease.

Our vision is shared by many (like you), so we’re rapidly expanding with more products and innovative ways to introduce gardening to all walks of life. We want to include you in the journey!




A local company looking to change the world: one garden at a time.

  • Online Catalog & Ordering

  • Each order filled by hand

  • 100% recycled packaging

  • Continued involvement in Community Gardens

Our Seeds

  • Open-pollinated
  • Heirloom
Our Family

Our Family


COVID-19 shakes the world.

Our vial manufacturer abruptly closes their doors. Retailers were shut down & people were quarantined. The demand for online seed suppliers skyrockets. And there we were, without packaging for our product. We briefly transitioned to temporary packaging, while working on a new permanent solution that could fulfill the needs of a purposeful and sustainable seed packet.

Vial Display, In the Beginning

Kraft Packaging

We were able to source beautiful kraft paper rolls which could run through our new vertical form, fill & seal equipment.

  • Made from recycled materials

  • Mylar-lined

  • Heat sealed

  • Great for storage

This packaging is sealed so that light & air cannot penetrate the precious seeds. It is also waterproof so you don’t need to worry when setting your packet down in the garden. You can also use an iron or hair straightener to reseal our packaging to store your leftover seeds!

Urban Garden Seeds logo only lime


Our family business continually grows year-after-year. We’re busy improving the product, process and efficiency so that we can reach more and more gardeners than ever before.